Sunday, June 10, 2007 

Are you for real????

Yes. IT has been how long since I have been on here. MY goodness. So I part of the reason is that they changed this thing on me and had no idea until now how to figure it out. So let us see if I can do a update in a quick hurry . Well first I am no longer in the Washington, DC Area. Which is making want to cry. But what is really bothering me is the fact is the beginning of my 40 year journey in the place we like to call the real world. You ask why tomorrow, because tomorrow is the first day of my real JOB. How scary is that? Because although I am excited I am Petrified. I have to join the real world and not sit on my romp for the rest of my days. Either Way I am in Minneapolis. I must say this is not Washington, DC. I miss DC. I miss where to go when I need to go. I miss knowing where all the streets are. I miss going down Ust and having a choice between Soul food, Ethiopian, Mexican, and Ben's Chili Bowl and them all being good restaurants. Either I really can't complain because this what I asked for. I didn't want to go Home (San Francisco) or stay in the DC area. So here I am, right in the middle. Oh and I miss Howard. How can you not miss the REAL HU!!! So Graduation was beautiful. Oprah spoke. You know it is going to be great when it is Oprah. Of course all the graduates were hoping for a car but hey it was a great speech. And how many other people can say that Oprah did their Commencement speech. Not many I must say. But who needs a car anyways when you have Percy. Percy made the 18 hour drive and he has never been better. He runs like a well oiled machine.

As far as my crafting, it has been on a downhill spiral to crafters bottomless pit. I have attempted to get back into sewing, which I must say is far quicker than knitting, but of course you can not bring the sewing machine onto a bus. Other than that I have been having withdrawal. I guess when my time gets more stressful I will have to revert back to it in order to detox myself from the daily trials and tribulations of life.

Sunday, July 09, 2006 

Time will tell the story

I am soo bad at this so blogging thing. It is suppose to relieve stress much like journaling but I am not very good at either. It seems like this past month wasn't even here. I have been busy at my internship, which I must I am truly enjoying. I think that it is just the area that kind of turns me off otherwise, if they can relocate my position to another place I would be a happier camper. Any hoot. I am receiving a package from Stitch DC hopefully soon, depending if Karida sent out yet. I am truly excited because the not only do the yarn stores suck around here you have to go an hour out of the way to get to any of them. I will have to let you know what I got when I get it in the mail because of course I have forgotten. Otherwise all is well in War and Peace (is that how the saying goes?) I am dedicating this blog to my mommy. Today 3 years ago my mother past away from complications with colon cancer. She is the reason why I started to knit. If any of you know, I am basically a self taught knitter, but I say she is the reason why I started because I learned on her needles. I knitted my first scarf next to her hospital bed on visits. She was more of a seamstress and did more crocheting. In fact the last thing she made was my afghan made of my school colors. So her needles I hold close to my heart, although I should be better about not leaving them on the floor sometimes. There is nothing special about just the person they belonged to.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Look Through My Eyes

I'm Back. In Grand Blanc (it is interesting I say it as if it were French everyone else says it as if they were country, I guess that's me trying to make it sound all siddity.). I started my lovely job yesterday and I am truly enjoying myself. I am excited about the possibilities and the work that I will be doing :). But on to other exciting things. While in San Francisco I got the opportunity to visit a couple of stores. This was really exciting because if you know me, you know I have a basis attitude toward Stitch DC. I would like to start by saying that I believe a knitter needs to have a great relationship with their LYS in order for them to continue to go back to that store. So I guess that is why I feel so strongly about my knitting store. Well on to my reviews. I visited three places, having there own unique personalities and I came back with something from each. The three places were Imagineknits, Alterfibers, and Noe Knits. The First place Imagineknits which is located in the Castro district. I thought that this was a great place to start my adventure. I had gotten a chance to go there before but didn't have the time to fully enjoy it. So this time I made sure to go early and leave myself plenty of time. The place is nice. There is yarn literally to the ceiling. Everything was done by weight and fiber. There were two different rooms separating the natural and synthetic. My mind literally went crazy trying to think of different projects that I needed yarn for. I picked up some mohair and koigu. My overall grade for this store was a B. I thought that it was a great store but it seemed not as friendly as I would have liked. I was really asked if I was looking for anything specific but I had to make the first move and like the dating scene I might make the first move but I prefer not to. The next store that I visited was Alterfibers which is located in Downtown SF. I love being in downtown because I love shopping so when you put great shopping and a knit store in the same place I am in 7th heaven. One previous occasions that I went downtown I had gone by the place but never thought to go in. It is on the second floor of this building that they share with a couple of other businesses. Let me tell you I fell in love with these yarns. They are hand dyed yarns with great colors. They have many different yarns everything from mohair to chenille. I thought it was a great store. It was just my self there so I was able to get a lot of my questions answered. The lady there was nice was more then willing to help. And although I didn't do a swatch with the yarn she was more then willing to let me swatch it up before I left. I ended up with a yarn to do a stole out of Scarf Style. It is a great place. they have swatches for each kind of fiber and even have the remnants for sale by the ounce. I gave them an A. The last place I went was Noe knits which is your classic LYS. It has a great layout and plenty of places to sit down and knit. It was cute. I didn't think that they had as large of a selection as the others. I got this funky Crystal Palace yarn from there. I gave it a B, there wasn't anything really stand outish about it but I thought it was a cool place. (oh and the scone place down the street is really good go there after you pick up something to knit.) So those are my reviews. Again that is my personal opinion, take them for what they are.

Friday, May 19, 2006 

I'm Still Here

Hola mi amigos. Sorry it has been soo long since my last post I know you have been waiting in anticipation to hear from me again. Let me tell you these last couple of weeks were hair pulling. Between trying to pack up all my junk in some type of order to going to graduations I thought there was going to be a nervous break down (and I came close to many times). Well now I am at home in San Francisco (the city by the bay). I love being home because there is no reason for me to rush out to be anywhere but my bed. I got here on the Wednesday ( I believe that is the day). I drove (me and my boyfriend(with his parents in tow (actually his dad was heading the pack) and of course his Nan; they were there for his graduation (and now he has a job down at the Kansas City Star doing what he loves, writing(Yah))) from DC to Detroit. That was adventure considering the fact that it was raining the whole time. And I can't see anyways but when you add rain to the mix I am done for it. And then it started getting dark, I was done for it. We didn't get to Detroit until 4 am. Needless to say we didn't do a thing until 5 pm the next day. We (my boyfriend and I) went to my apartment up in Grand Blanc. That was an Adventure in itself because for the life of us we couldn't find the place (as small as that town is). When we got there though I was pleasantly surprised. The apartment is nice. It has two bedrooms and two baths. And let me tell at first I was really giddy because I thought it was only going to have two of us in there, why did I come to find out that there is supposed to be four of us. Oh Goodness it is going to be an interesting summer. I figure there is a gym, sauna, tennis courts, and pool. It is also a great place to pretend to ride a bike. I figure I will have clean pores, wrinkled fingers and toned thighs by the end of the summer (or broke chillin' at the knitting store all day) because I do not know if I can stay in the apartment for too long with two rooms for four females. Neither here nor t here. I went to a yarn store yesterday, Imagineknits, here in San Fran. It is a pretty cool store, considering it is fairly large and has yarn overflowing including koigu. But I think I was more impressed with the yarn then the staff. They are not the nicest or meanest but they seem a little standoffish. I don't know I like friendly people especially in a yarn store, but there is nothing like being at home (Stitch DC) I miss you guys. My projects are going well. I am more then 50% finished with the front of the wobbly tote which I think is coming out pretty good. I haven't figured out what I 'am going to do with the back. If you have any suggestions let me know. The cami is coming out really nice but as you can guess I got bored of it so I have been working on as much. I started my ballet t-shirt but I do not know where the instructions are so I can't continue it, as of yet and I think I will be starting on a new project soon. Well that seems to be all that is going on in my neighborhood. I think I have caught you up. I hope it won't take this long to write again, but with me you never know. Much Luv from California. Over and out.

Thursday, May 04, 2006 

The Bare Necessities

Hello once again. So I have come to the conclusion that I have some type of knitting ADD, because I can not seem to stick with one project for the life of me. I have projects that only need a seam up the side and for some reason do not find a need to finish it. So I started on the new project. IT is the quilted camisole in the newest Vogue Knitting. And what a pleasant surprise that it is coming out really nice. I didn't check my gauge, which is the downfall of many of my knitting but the gauge swatch wasn't even worth the time and effort. But just in case you were wondering it is in purple. The other day I went to the Pharmacy Bar with the girls, (Karida, Jess, Elle, Libby, and of course Rebecca). That was fun. I truly enjoyed myself. Elle is working on a store sample of the button hole (butt hole (long story)) bag from Mason Dixon Knitting book. It is super cute. Any hoot. I need to start packing again. For someone that has too much stuff I sure do not know how to let it go.

Monday, May 01, 2006 

A whole new world

Hello Blog world. Yes I am supposed to be studying for my finals but I decided like I have done so many times before to do something else. This time it is starting this blog. Actually I first got off task with my crochet. I was working on the short n' sweet from Stitch 'n B*tch crochet: The Happy Hooker. And guess what? I finished it. It is so cute and girly. It is of course in my favorite color that if you can't figure it out by now is purple. It was fun to do and it was my first crochet project so I am very proud. So I little about myself. I work at my LYS: Stitch DC. Which I can be a little cocky about, simply because I think it is the best knitting store and I will let people at other stores know that is the way I feel without remorse. I am a student at the Real HU: Howard University. I am working on getting my BBA in Marketing. I will be interning this summer at General Motors in a small place called in Grand Blanc, MI. That is the main reason why I am starting this blog so that I can update everyone back in DC about the progress of my numerous projects. Please be aware and warned I have numerous projects most of them started but not finished. In fact I have a shawl that took me a long time to finish but I am too lazy to go about seeming the side up. Something about a finished project is not as satisfying as it not doing a thing on my floor. Neither here nor there I enjoy doing crafts but knitting is the one that kinda stuck, maybe because I think people would look at me funny if I attempt to bring in a sewing machine into the movie theatre (it is so much easier with two knitting needles).

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