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Thursday, May 04, 2006 

The Bare Necessities

Hello once again. So I have come to the conclusion that I have some type of knitting ADD, because I can not seem to stick with one project for the life of me. I have projects that only need a seam up the side and for some reason do not find a need to finish it. So I started on the new project. IT is the quilted camisole in the newest Vogue Knitting. And what a pleasant surprise that it is coming out really nice. I didn't check my gauge, which is the downfall of many of my knitting but the gauge swatch wasn't even worth the time and effort. But just in case you were wondering it is in purple. The other day I went to the Pharmacy Bar with the girls, (Karida, Jess, Elle, Libby, and of course Rebecca). That was fun. I truly enjoyed myself. Elle is working on a store sample of the button hole (butt hole (long story)) bag from Mason Dixon Knitting book. It is super cute. Any hoot. I need to start packing again. For someone that has too much stuff I sure do not know how to let it go.

you know, the cure for knitting ADD is just more and more projects. eventually you'll finish them all!

I am happy to see that other people have my problem. I made a spreadsheet yesterday of all of my WIPs and for some reason, that made me feel better about having so many projects on the needles. At least I could see them all in one place and have a sense on organziation. That being said, I started another project on Sunday! The cycle never ends...

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