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Friday, May 19, 2006 

I'm Still Here

Hola mi amigos. Sorry it has been soo long since my last post I know you have been waiting in anticipation to hear from me again. Let me tell you these last couple of weeks were hair pulling. Between trying to pack up all my junk in some type of order to going to graduations I thought there was going to be a nervous break down (and I came close to many times). Well now I am at home in San Francisco (the city by the bay). I love being home because there is no reason for me to rush out to be anywhere but my bed. I got here on the Wednesday ( I believe that is the day). I drove (me and my boyfriend(with his parents in tow (actually his dad was heading the pack) and of course his Nan; they were there for his graduation (and now he has a job down at the Kansas City Star doing what he loves, writing(Yah))) from DC to Detroit. That was adventure considering the fact that it was raining the whole time. And I can't see anyways but when you add rain to the mix I am done for it. And then it started getting dark, I was done for it. We didn't get to Detroit until 4 am. Needless to say we didn't do a thing until 5 pm the next day. We (my boyfriend and I) went to my apartment up in Grand Blanc. That was an Adventure in itself because for the life of us we couldn't find the place (as small as that town is). When we got there though I was pleasantly surprised. The apartment is nice. It has two bedrooms and two baths. And let me tell at first I was really giddy because I thought it was only going to have two of us in there, why did I come to find out that there is supposed to be four of us. Oh Goodness it is going to be an interesting summer. I figure there is a gym, sauna, tennis courts, and pool. It is also a great place to pretend to ride a bike. I figure I will have clean pores, wrinkled fingers and toned thighs by the end of the summer (or broke chillin' at the knitting store all day) because I do not know if I can stay in the apartment for too long with two rooms for four females. Neither here nor t here. I went to a yarn store yesterday, Imagineknits, here in San Fran. It is a pretty cool store, considering it is fairly large and has yarn overflowing including koigu. But I think I was more impressed with the yarn then the staff. They are not the nicest or meanest but they seem a little standoffish. I don't know I like friendly people especially in a yarn store, but there is nothing like being at home (Stitch DC) I miss you guys. My projects are going well. I am more then 50% finished with the front of the wobbly tote which I think is coming out pretty good. I haven't figured out what I 'am going to do with the back. If you have any suggestions let me know. The cami is coming out really nice but as you can guess I got bored of it so I have been working on as much. I started my ballet t-shirt but I do not know where the instructions are so I can't continue it, as of yet and I think I will be starting on a new project soon. Well that seems to be all that is going on in my neighborhood. I think I have caught you up. I hope it won't take this long to write again, but with me you never know. Much Luv from California. Over and out.

We miss you too! See you soon.

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