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Sunday, July 09, 2006 

Time will tell the story

I am soo bad at this so blogging thing. It is suppose to relieve stress much like journaling but I am not very good at either. It seems like this past month wasn't even here. I have been busy at my internship, which I must I am truly enjoying. I think that it is just the area that kind of turns me off otherwise, if they can relocate my position to another place I would be a happier camper. Any hoot. I am receiving a package from Stitch DC hopefully soon, depending if Karida sent out yet. I am truly excited because the not only do the yarn stores suck around here you have to go an hour out of the way to get to any of them. I will have to let you know what I got when I get it in the mail because of course I have forgotten. Otherwise all is well in War and Peace (is that how the saying goes?) I am dedicating this blog to my mommy. Today 3 years ago my mother past away from complications with colon cancer. She is the reason why I started to knit. If any of you know, I am basically a self taught knitter, but I say she is the reason why I started because I learned on her needles. I knitted my first scarf next to her hospital bed on visits. She was more of a seamstress and did more crocheting. In fact the last thing she made was my afghan made of my school colors. So her needles I hold close to my heart, although I should be better about not leaving them on the floor sometimes. There is nothing special about just the person they belonged to.

Alissa that pic of you and your mom is so FLIPPIN cute! You can see how much she loves you. I am sure she has that same expression when she looks at you from heaven. I was really sorry to hear that she had passed away, I didn't realize. We can;t wait to have you back in DC! It's rebecca's b-day from Wed. and Knit, Purl Hurl is after. We will toast to you! :) Ellie

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