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Sunday, June 10, 2007 

Are you for real????

Yes. IT has been how long since I have been on here. MY goodness. So I part of the reason is that they changed this thing on me and had no idea until now how to figure it out. So let us see if I can do a update in a quick hurry . Well first I am no longer in the Washington, DC Area. Which is making want to cry. But what is really bothering me is the fact is the beginning of my 40 year journey in the place we like to call the real world. You ask why tomorrow, because tomorrow is the first day of my real JOB. How scary is that? Because although I am excited I am Petrified. I have to join the real world and not sit on my romp for the rest of my days. Either Way I am in Minneapolis. I must say this is not Washington, DC. I miss DC. I miss where to go when I need to go. I miss knowing where all the streets are. I miss going down Ust and having a choice between Soul food, Ethiopian, Mexican, and Ben's Chili Bowl and them all being good restaurants. Either I really can't complain because this what I asked for. I didn't want to go Home (San Francisco) or stay in the DC area. So here I am, right in the middle. Oh and I miss Howard. How can you not miss the REAL HU!!! So Graduation was beautiful. Oprah spoke. You know it is going to be great when it is Oprah. Of course all the graduates were hoping for a car but hey it was a great speech. And how many other people can say that Oprah did their Commencement speech. Not many I must say. But who needs a car anyways when you have Percy. Percy made the 18 hour drive and he has never been better. He runs like a well oiled machine.

As far as my crafting, it has been on a downhill spiral to crafters bottomless pit. I have attempted to get back into sewing, which I must say is far quicker than knitting, but of course you can not bring the sewing machine onto a bus. Other than that I have been having withdrawal. I guess when my time gets more stressful I will have to revert back to it in order to detox myself from the daily trials and tribulations of life.

Yay! Alissa's alive!

Boo! Alissa's not in DC. But Minneapolis isn't so bad. If you get back into knitting you'll probably get to show off things like sweaters and scarves and hats more in a year than you could in DC.

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